Apple customers sitting on $9 billion in old iPhones

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“Why is an old iPhone still worth hundreds of dollars? New research suggests a surprising explanation: hoarding,” Quentin Fottrell reports for MarketWatch.

“More than half of American consumers say they have two or more unused cell phones in their household, according to a new survey released Friday. The trade-in value of all those old gadgets: $34 billion, according to resale site – which has a vested interest in tapping into this possible gold mine,” Fottrell reports. “Old iPhones account for roughly a quarter of that sum. Apple has been able to release a new model every year since 2007 – 85 million phones and $50 billion in revenue – partly because it’s easy and inexpensive for customer to sell their old ones for new models. But clearly large numbers of users never part with their old devices.”

Fottrell reports, “Almost one-in-five of those surveyed say they are just “too…

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PadGadget Giveaway: Enter to Win One of Two Stands from Just Mobile

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If you plan to use your iPad in the kitchen tonight preparing a romantic dinner for two, you may discover you are missing one key accessory, a stand. Whether holding your iPad to view recipes while cooking, snuggling up to watch movies or connecting to a bluetooth keyboard to type, these versatile accessories allow users to do a number of hands-free tasks with their iPads. Today we have partnered with Just Mobile to offer our readers a chance to win one of two stands, the Encore and UpStand.

These sleek desk-top stands are made from high-grade aluminum and are compatible with all iPads currently on the market. Designed to be both stylish and practical, they’ll keep your device in place while supporting it in either landscape or portrait mode. Additional features for each stand include:


  • Compatible with all iPads
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Stylish and practical
  • Non-slip feet
  • Dazzling radial…

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Mad Scientists Rejoice! Autodesk Lets You Build 3D Creatures with New iPad App

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Autodesk is back with 123D Creatures, an iPad app that lets you bring your imagination to life with the creation of fun 3-dimensional creatures. Begin by designing your creature and ‘sculpting’ in your detail, which can include adding skin, feathers, wings, fins, horns, claws or paws to your biped or quadruped. When everything is just how you saw it in your head, export your finished product into an image or 3D model, share it with all of your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter or “have it 3D printed into a real sculpture!”

Samir Hanna, vice president of Consumer Products at Autodesk describes their new app by saying:

“Now, for the first time, 123D Creature makes it easy for anyone to create a sophisticated creature on an iPad, and then have a 3D print delivered to their doorstep with a few swipes of their finger. With our 123D family…

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Who says your kitchen cannot be fun?


With the ever evolving fashion crazy world, don’t you wish your house looked a little colorful, vibrant and funky too? Do you ever get the feeling that if you had a wish upon a star you’d wish for a robot to manage the junk yard your child makes your dream house look like? Or better yet have some fun in the kitchen experimenting with gadgets that make you a cool hip and trendy on-the go mom your child would love to flaunt? Well guess what?! Funny as it seems, the BIG GUY up there, finally seems to have answered your prayer and granted that secret silent wish you made on that shooting star. He’s given you a whole new universe to explore at


From the uber cool garlic zoom cutter to the milk frother, multipurpose kitchen scissors, exotic varied shapes of moulds for ice trays and chocolates, to personalized…

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