Who says your kitchen cannot be fun?


With the ever evolving fashion crazy world, don’t you wish your house looked a little colorful, vibrant and funky too? Do you ever get the feeling that if you had a wish upon a star you’d wish for a robot to manage the junk yard your child makes your dream house look like? Or better yet have some fun in the kitchen experimenting with gadgets that make you a cool hip and trendy on-the go mom your child would love to flaunt? Well guess what?! Funny as it seems, the BIG GUY up there, finally seems to have answered your prayer and granted that secret silent wish you made on that shooting star. He’s given you a whole new universe to explore at www.clipr.in


From the uber cool garlic zoom cutter to the milk frother, multipurpose kitchen scissors, exotic varied shapes of moulds for ice trays and chocolates, to personalized…

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