Survey: Do you put your phone in a case?



When it comes to protecting your phones today, there are many different types of people.  For some, a case is a fashion statement, for others an accessory.  Some people like to be risky and go “commando” with no case at all.  Still others like to take the whole protection idea to the extreme (see picture above).

I can understand those that don’t want cases at all.  The phone manufacturers put so much research and design into making current phones the most appealing and thinnest possible…why cover that up and add bulk when that’s the opposite of what the manufacturers intended?

Some people have jobs that require them to protect their phones in really rugged cases…such as those that Otterbox makes.  I can completely understand this also.  When you are working in construction or other manual labor jobs you need cases such as this to protect your smartphone.

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