Heart Attack – Hurych

Jan Beckerman

Heart Attack

Heart Attack – Hurych

My father died of a heart attack at a very young 54 y/o! That’s why I’ve come to lovethe health products, even though I came in to the business through the WebCenter. I plan to live much longer!

I heartily recommend three things for him: to find out what caused his heart attack, to assess his current risk, and to get started on a healthy track with the applicable Heart-Health products. Omega 3 is a must, but he also may benefit from other Heart-Health products depending on his current condition, allergies, and history.

If he’s new to a healthy life-style, which sounds evident by the heart attack, a 7-day cleanse with NutriCleanse may help also. It’s amazing how many dis-eases are caused by an unhealthy colon, and it doesn’t take much with today’s processed food to get an unhealthy colon and liver. An unhealthy colon can put a lot of stress on the body…

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